P. Managuense | by Damien Fallin

P. Managuense

This is an F1 juvy male. He is one tough little dude. I have had him since he was about an inch...the other 4 were killed off.


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Nice shot! Looks great!
don't think I have seen one before ... cool. Looks like he's telling someone off! lol
Jackie, you have seen one..they are very common.
Jackie, its a Jaguar Cichlid, I'm pretty sure you've seen one before!
It is?! Ugh ... doesn't look like one to me. I've been studying too much today then I guess ... my brain cells are fried! Ya ... that's my excuse!! lol
I'm gonna stop logging on so I stop making an fool of myself ... gonna start logging on as Josh ... LOL
lol Jackie, youre just having a bad week... lol
tell me about it ... gonna go stick my head in the sand! :)
Really nice little fella!
most excellent
looks really different to what i have and seen before,ive got a question tho,i see allot of 'f1' in posts is that like pedigree or something?
Phil... F0 and WC are wild caught fish, F1's are offspring from wild caught parents, F2's are offspring from F1 parents and so on.
thanks for clearing that up,i always figured f1 was like the best example of the type of fish. learn something everyday :)
Your welcome Phil.
This guy i believe, is a Honduran Jag which has only recently been for sale in the USA.That's why He looks a little differen't than want most have seen
Ah see ... I'm not the only one that thought he looked different! Thanks Phil and John! :)
John is correct. This is a Honduran Jag. And I was cleaning my main tank last night and found another one hiding under some wood...in surprisingly good shape....little survivors, it will be interesting to watch them grow.