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PLEASE say a prayer or two for my dad. He is in critical condition after suffering a stroke. My family and I would greatly appreciate any well wishes. Thank you.


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I will pray for him and your family bip...
aww so sorry, I pray he recovers fast
You , your dad & your family are in my prayers .
Very sorry to hear that .. Will be thinking about him and your family ..
Sorry to hear that bip, I will definitely being praying for your dad.
Hope he recovers quickly Bip (smiles for support!!)
Good juju and positive thoughts headed your way from the Branson house... and like Tang O' the smiles are for support.
So sorry to hear this.. I hope he recovers quickly.
my thoughts are with u and ur family Bip at this sad time
Sorry to hear That and I hope your father has a speedy recovery. All your family is in my prayers.
sorry to hear, hope he gets better soon.
Sorry, smiles for a speedy recovery.
Our prayers are with you and your family Bip.
May God lay his healing hands on him!!!
thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery
Hope he makes a safe recovery.... Prayers for you and family.... Almost lost my dad 5 years ago to a stroke.. Alarm clock saved his life... Woke him up for work was having one in his sleep... Smiles for good luck!!!!
Our prayers are always with your Dad and family Bip.
Thank you all for the prayers and support. It's working, so please keep it up. The swelling in his brain is going down, he is talking some now (he sure hasn't lost his sense of humor), and last I heard he has regained some feeling on his right side. Someone is looking out for him because in a day or two, when he stabilizes, he will be moved to a very exclusive rehab center. From what I understand, the rehab only has like 37 beds, so it's very hard to get into. I really wish I could be down there (Florida) for him and my mom. I know I couldn't do much anyway, but I still feel so helpless being so far from them. Once again, Thank you all so much.
thats great news! Im so happy hes in great care, I will keep sending positive energy and thoughts :)
That's awesome news Bip....when they catch a stroke early enough it increases the pt chances of a pretty good recovery....I'm still praying for him Bip.
Good to hear! A lot of times stroke patients want to give up on getting better so getting into a good rehab facility can make all the difference in the world. And Sammy is right... catching it quickly can greatly increase the chance of a good recovery. Glad to hear he hasn't lost his sense of humor. After my mom had her stroke her sense of humor shot through the roof. It's no holds barred with her now.
Great news bip
Awesome news!!:))
Good to hear bip. It's hard not to be with them I am sure but just letting them know that your heart, thoughts, and prayers are there will mean more than you know. Parents understand when distance divides. Keep your head up and thoughts positive!
great news
Agree with all & still praying !
Our prayers are always with your Dad bip.
Great news !!
gob bless bip
praying....keep us posted
Great news!!!
I agree with Dena,get to rehab as quick as he can.Our thoughts and prayers are with yoyu and your family.
Hi's your Dad doing?