One of my two 35 gallon Cichlid tanks. | by BlueBerry Wizard

One of my two 35 gallon Cichlid tanks.

A somewhat fuzzy picture of one of my 35 gallon tanks. Just so you know, every last decoration of mine except the house with airstone costed me nothing or $1.00. I will have guide out later on the subject of inexpensive to free, but awesome decorations for your tank.


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thanks for comments i think im going to put to mounds on the ends for more space in middle thanks for comment craig
Blueberry Wizard, I am not sure what you mean by love to hate you so I may not be who you are thinking of. But the plants do really well in my hard water. I have 3 grow bulbs 4 ft flourescents and use a product called Flourish. When I planted these it was less then 2 weeks and I had new starters growing. I know they are not really a Tanganyikan plant but you cant get plants from lake Tang that I can find. If anyone know of some let me know.
cheap and crappy looking, or spend a little money do have a good looking tank? i opt for the later
Steve phelps you don't even have any pictures of your tanks (I wonder why?..) so don't bother me. This picture is something like 3 years old now. Further more to Tod and that one other guy who collaborated on rating my pictures badly I am going to give all your pictures one smiley ratings like you did to me! ⌂_⌂ -"If it is war you want, war you shall have!" (Unless a moderator intervenes) Now I am going to go to do some gardening, but when I get back you shall know my wrath!