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Off to work

Go Redskins


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nice beard
where are you that it's light out?
Go Giants...
a floridian rooting for the giants
originally from NY...
yeah me too not the city though just over the jersey border in orange county
florida is the bomb diggity
yankees or mets
i had a real bad expierence in florida havent been back
redskins look good... RG3 wont be running around that much this weekend but he should beat the eagles and the cowboy next week and take the division. IM ok with the giants getting the wild card they play better from behind
A bad experience in Florida? Gotta ask...
die hard Yankees fan... Knicks fan too
ok well both my kids have sickle cell and we were in disney with make a wish and my son thought he was going to become a man and attacked me
go yanks and giants not a fan of bball
Attacked you???
yup he learned the hard way that it wasnt a good idea!! btw he is 22
Oh wow...
he has a few anger problems
Well ya can't hold that against Florida! :)
dude, you look like a hit man, its a good look lol. nice to see ya
i dont really i just dont want the bad memories its still a little soon i will be back just not with the kids
Redskins, finally have something to cheer about. Great, at least they've finally improved their team.
Nice to see a face with your name Rich.
Good to see ya again bud.
nice to see you