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OB Peacock
OB Peacock
OB Peacock
My OB Peacock, you'd think being part peacock they'd be peaceful.....but he's the King of my tank!
posted by: Vincent Steen

May 15th, 2007
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kris mcclelland » posted 2007/05/15 11:15 am
lovely lookin fish. But people who dont know who they are rebel. Ya fish may have that. What is HE strawberry x Nyasse x Marble. What ever he is. I gaurentee he will be your breeding male.
Vincent Steen » posted 2007/05/15 11:31 am
Actually I would love that - what would be good to put in with him to breed? The tank currently is filled with mbuna (and some hybrid babies because my lab and johanni wont stop procreating!)
What do you suggest?
I'm setting up a 210 gallon tank that will house peacocks and haps and some tangs - but I was going to start out with juvenilles and I'm sure my OB would ruff all of them up - so if I introduce some females for him it would have to be in his 90 gallon home (I'm about to clean house of most of the hybrid babies anyway)
kris mcclelland » posted 2007/05/15 01:19 pm
Mate if your gunna breed hybids. Keep it to one genus, Aulonocara are the only thing you should breed. Yet that is frowned upon in this hobby.Yet i cant belive a johanni and a lab hybrid. See your O-B is a hybryid to start. WOW
roberto morales » posted 2007/05/15 01:24 pm
Vincent Steen » posted 2007/05/15 02:03 pm  
Yeah, I'm not too happy about the lab - Johanni hybrids (and certainly not planned) The babies are all different looking - some are light blue with the black "lab" fin edges. and some of them look great! But most are a yellowish tannish white, with a light blue irridescence and some faint Johanni pattern lines running through them. Very interesting (and exciting at first) but 4 litters later (and a tank full of hybrids) and I've had enough! I'm probably going to seperate mom and dad into seperate tanks - and I may keep 1 or 2 babies (but the rest has got to go!)
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2007/05/15 02:13 pm
gorgeous fish !!!, mine is aggressive as well
kris mcclelland » posted 2007/05/15 02:13 pm
I do agree (unfortunatly). See its not up to us to put fish in a tank to make a new breed of fish. If that happens it will happen naturally in the wild. If you breed hybrid by all means keep them. But for your self only.Then its even more to admire.
Vincent Steen » posted 2007/05/15 03:21 pm  
Yeah, I would never pass on hybrids to others (gotta keep the hobby pure)
I'm probably going to keep 1 or 2 of the babies - a couple of them look like cobalt blue zebras, but with black edging to their bottom fins....awesome! After the rest of the babies are gone and their mother, I will probably purchase a few afra blue - so if the Johanni or hybrid babies do decide to mate again: odds are the babies at least will be a pretty blue and keepable (is that a word?)
Anyway, thanks for the comments.
John Young » posted 2007/05/15 06:08 pm
kyle jackson » posted 2007/05/15 08:21 pm
phrontosa freak » posted 2007/05/17 02:41 am
grant de luca » posted 2007/05/19 03:59 pm
he is fantastic i am so jealous
Vincent Steen » posted 2007/07/20 02:20 pm  
Frank - here's a picture of mine. (Actually he's bigger now - this is an older picture - now he's in my 210gallon tank)
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/07/20 03:45 pm

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

cool, one of my favorites :)
Dee Casta

Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras
Dee Casta

Its a jack dempsey
Alexander Langer

as said in the other picture, could be true. Aquidens (blue acara) are know
Alexander Langer

wow, great colors, beautiful!
Alexander Langer

it's still small, but to me it seems as a blue acara is plausible. Wait unt