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Need your opinion

Hi everyone, I decided to come back again, it has been around 3 years now with no cichlids. Have this 55g tank, confused which canister filter to use. Smaller one is preferred as it does not need too much media, less foot print, much lighter and easier in cleaning. And it is about 300g/ hr power (1200 L/hr). Would it be sufficient for Malawi cichlids? The bigger is 2700 L/hr Advance thanks and happy holidays to all!


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Probably depends on how many cichlids you want to keep in that tank. For a light to medium filled setup, the smaller would probably be sufficient. But if it's crowded, the bigger would be better. Since you seem to have both tanks available anyways, I think I'd start with the smaller filter and measure the water conditions regularly. If it turns out to be too small, you can still switch to the bigger one, can't you? Have fun setting up the tank and happy holidays :)
I would run both of them you can never have to much filtration
you sure that is a 55 looks big and 55's don't have two crossbeams what are the measurements