New tank to explore | by rich hewitt

New tank to explore

He beat up his partner, had to split them up.


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Beautiful OB!
Nice OB was the other fish an OB to??? How big is your tank??
Very nice.
Thanks Curtis....The other was an OB and they were both alone in what is now my Fry tank that was a 45gal high.The other fish is in my 6gal ICU tank.
nice colors
Yeah, sometimes if you put them together when they are past the fry stage in maturity it turns into a royal rumble. When they act like this from the start it usually stays that way, I find it. 45 gal. Is a pretty good sized tank for them but not big enough I guess. Good luck and have fun trying to place other tank mates with him...
He is in the 100gal now with some big boys, they seem to be keeping him in check so far.
Love that, he probably doesn't feel like the alpha male anymore.. Hahaha