New him as a gift  | by **Lirpa **Campbell**

New him as a gift

This is not a picturet they tank I had to invade for him as he is South American and thiswas a Malawaki tank to start with.


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Who are the people in the picture?
Blueberry that is her and her daughter.
Hey April!! Long time no speak are you?
Oh. They have the same eyes.
Ive been good April! Work is work as usuall...How are you and the lil ones?
Christ, we've all been good here, we just bought a Clydesdale Stud on 2 wks ago sunday, been working with him lots as he has no "hands on" exsperience and is 2 yrs old already. He has been named Pride and he has a thin for me and tries to rear or kick all that come near "us" except Kelsey and a Friend Alice. When I am not there with him he is not at all aproachable. Lots of work to do with him and hopefully I'll have him broke for riding by fall ! He is 16.2hh now and will be 18.7 according to the vets. Wood Tiks are so Bad out here I pull off at least a dozen on me a day never mind the girls,and the pets we have....Thank God I can enjoy my fish in the Evenings !! Oh I also got a GT that is 7.2" big already and is very pretty. Your busy city not exciting these days?
Ha Kelsey says 7.3 but I think he wants GT to stretch cause I saw 7.2 Lmao...
OoO that is sooo kool!! Would love to see some pics!! So glad to hear that things are ok....My city is ok finally starting to warm up so the fun will come soon hehehe...
I still time out trying to download your full size pics...damn 56k line