Neon Blue Gourami | by Joey Solomon

Neon Blue Gourami

this is the male I bought yesterday. My mom's idea. I'm so happy I got him now, he shines in the tank.


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Gouramis are cool, used to have several...
Thanks John, yeah I love their curious personalities and they look great in planted tanks.
I think gouramis will nip at the angels fins
I've had the gourami/angel mix for months now. My gouramis are calm and do not nip.
A lot of gouramis will nip. This species is one of the more gentle ones. Hope it works out Joey . These guys are colorful
I've found that my dwarf gouramis tend to be calmer than the regular sized ones. I've seen 4-5 inch gouramis harass angels which is why I stayed away from those. Thanks Shaun