Myself and Voss (foster Dobe) | by Jennifer Morford

Myself and Voss (foster Dobe)

With everyone else posting pic's I thought I would too =) It's always nice to have a face to go with the name. LOL


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Hello Jennifer & Voss.
nice to meet you!!
hi Jennifer :), this is a beauty
very nice dobe. you dont see enough dobes without croped ears. they took so much better with them down like that,hes gorgeous.
Thanks everyone, Voss is a character, he's found a forever home now though =) I do Doberman rescue as well as all breed too, but Dobes are my main focus. They don't look as fierce and scary with uncropped ears, most don't even realize it's a Doberman if they ears are not done. I've got two Dobes, two Pits and a shep mix here right now and I'm getting ready to loooooose my mind LOL
hello there..
Nice to finally see your pretty face!! I love dogs too, actually all animals.
Really nice to meet you Jen. Great to have more 'girl power' on here, lol.
Hi there,,,, Sounds like my house...only the 5 I have....are Mine! lol
hey jen ,nice to put a face to a name
lucky dog! good to see ya!
4got to give you stars!!!
Hey there Jennifer! Nice to see you! Beautiful Dobe!!!
Jennifer, nice to meet you !
Jennifer you are looking great nice to meet you and voss you guys are cool!!