My son's flowerhorn in his new home | by Vincent Steen

My son's flowerhorn in his new home

A shot of my son's flowerhorn in his new tank. Sloppy eater! I have to find a way to circulate the water on the bottom better to stir up the "poop." Anyone think a catfish or bottom feeder be safe with him? He's in a 75gal so not the biggest tank for his ultimate size.


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Nice looking flowerhorn! I have not had good luck with plecos & our flowerhorn :o( I feel a little bad adding anything more, just end up cleaning a lot.
beautiful fat fh! that's why i don't use gravel for them. very messy...
What do you use Dennis?
This picture is a night shot (with just my actinic lighting on) so its not showing off his colors very good - or the bottom sand. I have just a thin layer of sand in there - the rest is DIY rocks - just like my background! I figured if he got too sloppy - I can take all of the sand out, and yet the tank wouldn't look bare - it would still look like a cave (I hate bare bottom tanks - takes away from the natural look that I enjoy)
I've seen flowerhorn food - has anyone tried it? Does it improve color or the hump? I've been feeding mine krill and cichlid pellets - and he loves the color sticks! (and of course the occassional goldfish!)
nothing. no gravel or sand hehe just a foam filter.. I siphoned the poops, clean the glass and partial change of water twice a week..
try some spirulina pellets or Ever red Fh pellets..
fresh krill is still the best!!