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common pleco

I'm gonna double his living space in about 5 weeks. He's starting to get too big.


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not a sailfin....just a common plec
chuck, maybe it likes to take his kids sailing on the weekend, did ya think of that?
Nice Pleco Mike. Hey chuck, not being fasicious, but what is the difference between a sailfin and a gibbicep?
I was told a sailfin but it's definately not the same as the common plecos. There's got to be a diff name for these. Either that, or the common pleco can look a lot diff from one another. Everyone I know with common plecos don't have the same markings on theirs as mine does. IDK. And don't quit your day job Mr.Cichlids.
Does anyone know of a link or something to a list of all the L #'s so I can see all the different plecos???
Mike go to it lists most species.
Mike try L021.
Hey Pisc, I see you have that great Nic, if you get a chance check mine out in my pics cuz I had a question about the line on him/her. It comes and goes. I figured you know a bit about em.
L021 is the one.