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My latest project


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And btw hi everyone! Long time no see. Been breeding a lot of Africans for the past year that I have been off here. Decided to give Discus a try. Wish me luck! Any one with advice and experience feel free to share please :)
beauties Rhea and hi long time (it happens . been there done that )
More and more Discus on this site now Good luck to you
Hey Harvick! Just reading you're awaiting a babe! Congrats and I am thinking about your wife, poor girl. Labour sucks! Good luck and try to get some sleep in :)
Woohooo!!! So glad to see more Discus, I also started discus for the first time a month ago Rhea, if you want, check out my pics. I got a Red Melon pair, and I'm hoping to breed them. I don't think we've met, but you have great fish.
Thanks Joey! I know a fair amount about Africans and SA's but hate to say I am scared to mess up with these beautiful fish! I will check out your pics
Thanks Rhea , Not married yet lol we are in no rush , engaged but waiting it out . Excited for the little guy to get here thats for sure . been a rough pregnancy for her . pre term labor 3 times . he wanted to come early and now doesn't want to check out . mini bar must be awesome in there LOL
Oh, trust me Rhea. I freak out all the time about mine. Its a stressful thing to keep them let alone try and breed them. But I'm on a schedule, so far so good. They are just scaredy cats sometimes, so I alwasy think somethings wrong but nothing ever is. Their color is amazing, thats why I love Discus, lol. Your discus are beautiful as well. I love the patterns on yours.
Like my family thinks I'm nuts! I keep checking them and the temp, and the water etc....What's your schedule? Once a week changes? What are you feeding? I am reading mixed reviews on frozen blood worms. A lot of people seem to be making a beef heart blend. So far I am feeding tetra colour granules and frozen blood worms and they go crazy for the worms. Thoughts?
Well mine are shy about almost everything, so I don't know of they like everything until I come downstairs 30 min later and all the food is gone lol.. I feed them my homemade beefheart mix, bloodworms, and special discus pellets, special discus flakes, and dried brine shrimp. I do a 50% water change EVERY OTHER DAY... The only thing they LOVE is the bloodworms, so that you should do. It is super hard... but it keeps me busy... like a 14 year old boy isn't busy ITS HARD. But I'm a begginer, so im hoping it gets easier.
Oh my lord! EVERY OTHER DAY??!! How many tanks do you have?? I have to stick with once a week I have way too much going on! What is your beefheart mix made up of??
I have 4 tanks, And yup.. its a lot of work.. Um.. You can get tons of beefheart recipies online, just try wichever one you can do, most are super. Thats what I did.
Ok great! Thanks so much Joey!
No problem, I'm learning about them everyday too. We'll help eachother, lol
Very nice Rhea.. I gotta stop by there next time I'm in Calgary and check these beauties out!1 Looking at a new hog right now so maybe we can go for a little run this summer!!:)
Absolutely Wes! You are not in Calgary anymore?? I only got about 6 hours riding time in last summer. Got the itch especially today with the SUN shining!
I'm in Brooks since last April!! LOL.
Jeez.....I'm outta the loop!!
Hey Rhea, send me your number again cause i have it on my old computer and using a laptop now! I have been sending you joke emails so you should still have my addy??
Yup I get all your emails! I'll send my number that way ok?