My jack dempsey  | by Matt Abasta

My jack dempsey

Been trying to get a pic of her forever she is really shy ha had her forever and she has only grown like 2in


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are there any other fish in the tank? maybe she needs a friend. haha
Yeah there are I meant shy for the camera haha
how big is the tank? are there any other fish with her?
40 I have 3 other fish never had any problems with her she just doesn't grow haha
how big is she? what are the other fish? a 40 is a little small for a jd. my female is over 8 inches. yours looks nice
Id say around 4 in and yeah I'm upgrading soon to a 130 so she will be going in my 55 maybe something will happen then and thanks geez I can't wait for mine to be that big
oh, sorry Matt. hahaha. i bet when you move her she'll grow like crazy
Hey Matt, its Chelsey - get in touch!
kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik een vraag plaats