My hub Danny and Frost our Tegu | by crystal abshire

My hub Danny and Frost our Tegu


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Hey Danny, they got you doing Lizards too,,lol This women can get us into some crazy stuff.
nice lizard crystal.
Hello Danny. How long is the tegu?
thats pretty neat.
Bip the Tegu is around 3.5 ft - will gt to almost 5 ft. It is only a year old.
it's great to share a hobbie with the one you love,ps thanks for all your help with the the breaded dragons and baby fish
Anytime Henry - I try to share my knowledge to make people's life easier. I love all these crazy critters and just try to do my best for them.
my friend had 2, 1 scaped the other one is so nice, i call it Cullinator.(he feeds it all the culls from the batchs. nice one there Crystal
Tell danny thanks for letting me pet the lizard yesterday that was so cool i love your pet store in your house!!