MALAWI TANK | by Colton Dow



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They are all in the large group because we were by the tank, they thought it was feeding time!
they are great looking. tell your daughter to keep up the good work!!! i cant see the rest of your tank, but it looks like you could use a few cave instead of just round rocks?? but it looks good.
nice color contrasts( fed up of blues) even if those are pretty common fishes( yellow labs& red zebra) nice demaisonis.
Yes i know, it is not my style either! My daughter loves it and thats what counts, all of the fish are very healthy! she likes the standard fish, whatever, lol kids!
what size tank
colton dow; we love your fish but posting them again and again...
Wow, I like the way she crowded her tank, nice color contrast and those demasoni, they're awesome. Keep it up!
Wow, I don't have a comment for your tanks, though they are very beautiful [wonderful fish] but I do have to comment on your personality. I was just wondering if you are as rude in person as you are on this site. Every comment I have seen you post is nasty and mean. This is a site for hobbyists after all so would you please get a life and stop being so foul? It doesn't seem like you receive very much joy from the aquaria hobby, so do everyone a favor and chill out. It's really quite ridiculous. . .
Umm, Angel i have "Constructive Criticism." I am not a mean person at all. I feel as though people post their tanks to be judged and for people to help them. In my own opinion, i feel as though i am helping the fish have a better life. If that helps you any.
I agree someone has to tell it from the fishes perspective. Do you have a salt tank, if so I would love to see it. You definately know cichlids.
Sweet dude lets see how many of the same fish we can put in one tank....nice rock formation...SWEET...all my friends like my 46 bow and so does my boss who is a fish tank designer so stfu obvisouly you dont know much about whats cool
what kinda gravel is that and how deep is the gravel.
I guess your daughter have a better idea! You can keep yours!
Angel, just tells what she felt and think about your judgement to other people's effort, and it seems like your idea is the standard here and if they don't come up to your expectations they'll get a rude comment from you, while you don't even know if the one you are judging has a cichlid farm! Not al people here post their pet to brag or let you judge them, most of them wants to share their joy of having one, but then you got a sidekick who i think learned from you, named suzzette schumaker who pecks like a hen, I guess you have insecurity problem here just like suzzette, I see you got big and expensive fishes and even show off your dog here. So if this is the way you build your self esteem, you are not helping other hobbyist at all, they will just hate you and would not welcome your comments just like what i've seen in your post here lately. So if you want to help and do constructive criticism, Suggest so in an educated manner and dignified way, cause you just sound like an arrogant fool the way you're doing it now, if you don't feel and think this way, you know now how others think and feel about you in case you did not notice, alright? Try it, you will be more happy and your friends here will welcome your comment better.. OK? let's be friends here and treat people with dignity, we are more important than cichlids, Right?!
Think of it this way Colton Dow, Which word of advice will others think sounds better and constructive, If you see a Goldfish and an Oscar fish together in a tank, "What in the hell are you trying to do feeding your Oscar?" OR "I think it is better if you find another tank for your Oscar fish if you want to keep your goldfish too". Which do you think is a constructive here? If you feel that the first one is still the way you would have told it, then you got a personality problem that you are not aware of.
overcrowded think a little!