My Tanganyika Tank | by Alexander Langer

My Tanganyika Tank

This is my Tanganyika community tank.


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How many galons ?????
approx. 200 :)
I am about ot order a bunch of those trop duboisi,some white calvus' and fronts for my 3 tanks set inline. Awsome setup i like the selection is very close to the fish I am collecting
as i said sweet setup what region you live in ? I am going form memphis to louiville for a large order very soon. really like the duboisi where'd urs come from ?
Germany :) Got mine from a well known local cichlid shop.
great tank nice job
great tank man, what type filtration? i have heard duboisi can be extremely adaptive to water conditions and are hardy fish
nice fish and tank all those tropheus must have cost a fortune though
very nice
porządna niemiecka robota!!!! ;)
i love your tank, i would really love mine to look like yours.
Absolutely incredible tank! Great job.
my friend hello & thanks for comment for me...this african cichlid tank very very nice...& great....very nicly set up & very nice fishs....i enjoy...i love all fishs....& all tanks in the world...i am happy for see you....your tank is nomber one...
I have no words to say about the tank, I love it. TO: moderator, please remove "Cedric's" post, the only place it belongs is a toilet. if he want's to be a child he can go to another site/forum. thanks....J
I love this tank. How hard is it for you to raise the duboises ( Sorry for the spelling)?
lol, looks like robert's been all over the place under everyone else's name! cool guy, really! anyway alexander, i have a question about login. i had an account under CICHLIDIOT. for some reason, it let me log into the chat, but nothing else, even after i changed the password. same thing! can we fix this at all, i would like to keep credit for the comments that "I" have posted, and will want them to be under the same account as my pics when i can finally get them up. i just got a camera, but want to know what we can do about this before i proceed. thank you. nice tank by the way.
Duboisis and Ikolas in the same tank! Others couse crowd though. Great tank anyway.
nice work how often do you clean,and do you have to move all rocks each time? Thanks... I am getting ready to upgrade a 70 gal. bow to a 175..
great job mate. love the setup.
best tank ever seen in history of tanks some kinda ouba tank
Very nice tank you have
wow very nice tank alex.. nice language on post need to remove that one ..
stunning set up mate!
Thanks, but looks a bit different today. :)
awesome aim jealous
nice Alexander Langer
great Job on this tank,like to have some more of these go with mine.
WOW!!!!!!!! Alex!! Your tank is very very nice!! Love the whole setup! The Tangz are looking great!!
This has got to be one of the nicest looking tanks!....where do you find all those awesome rocks!?!?
Happy Holidays to you and your family!! Thanks again for this great place for us to meet and share our love for these fishes..
thank you very much :) Happy holidays to everyone on
@kari I bought them at my local dealer
Hope you have a memorable Holiday Season Alex. It's been a blast being part of this site for so long. Thanks for providing a great place for us enthusiasts.
awesome tank alex. happy holidays.
It looks so cool I won’t it so bad. Name a time and place and I will pick it up. PLEASE!