My Taiwan Reef now!  | by Sleek Sliders

My Taiwan Reef now!

My Protemelas Steveni "Taiwan Reef" (updated)


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sleek, i have to say you have some of the most awsome fish here! You go boy!
Thanks Karrie, I use an slr camera too to take vivid colors pictures, i want every one to enjoy what they see by carefully selecting the best shot that i had.. you have nice fishes too! Keep it up!
you know what i use, a 2 mega pix, sony erikson cell phone camer, and im not kidding lol
It seems unbelievable that you got those shots with just 2 megapixel camera phones with sony erricson! especially if it is USA issue, you got pretty nice shots there! But maybe if you're in Asia or EU then I would say possibly! But still your camera works well!
i love you picture. its a beautiful fish.
Very nice.
excellent sleek, absolutely excellent.When mine are done breeding and I get them seperated, ill show you my show males, there are 6 of them.
Cool Mr Cichlids, I'll be on watch!
I miss my cichlid tank, since i'm in tropicals right now, but recently i bought a 120 gl. acrylic tank! I'm excited to get it set up..
very nice, nice to meet you as well, you havent posted aything in 2 years, what happened if you dont mind?
I got busy with my work, and had no time posting? I am growing Frontosas lately and they are about 2.5 in. Now, I hot them when they were just .5 in.. I'll be posting Soon!