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My Favourite.

I have posted this pic a while ago but thought i'd show it again as it would have to be one of my best,so pure.


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This is what you should be aspiring to Mike.
Cant wait! Is the orange head and red head Tapajos same fish diffrent name or they diffrent fish?
How big is this guy? He is a real beauty!
Orange head/redhead.redcheek are all different names but the same fish. He is around 7" close to fully grown now.
That fish is awsome, i would love to own a few, what is it called?
Got ya! Is yours solo or have more then one?
That is insane! Ya, I love the blue on the fins. Are these similar to Atifrons on water conditions?
I have a pair of Tapas(m,f)but as with all geos they do best in groups,not necesserily the same species but other geos,they will always feel more comfortable this way.
That's a beauty, Keith...
I did try to get another this was that was the last one. Will just have to wait. All others I did get groups of them.
This is my favorite fish that you have. Love the orange and yellow head/face. Is there cross-breeding with the dif geos in the same tank?
What model camera do you have Keith? My dad just got a Power shot A80 for US dollars.
65 US dollars.
Hey bip, how you doing?
Hey Roger! Glad to see you back. How did everything go?
Good, I'm kicking just not to high. It will take awhile to get back on my feet. I honestly don't feel that bad.
no other word than...perfect fish!
Chuck, that's two. ;) Keith, do you still have the Nic, diadema etc.?
Marc,they are currently in the display tank at my lfs.
What are you keeping in the 4'x2'?
It is pulled down and will be set up again in about 4 weeks as a tapa tank.
Theartist:except the plecos, wich cichlids do you currently have?
Just the geo's atm. You want a list ,i suppose?
why not , if you dont sure you dont, you must be proud of having such a collection!;)
G.Altifrons "Tocantins"(pair),G.Altifrons "Aripuana I"(pair),G.Altifrons "?" (pair),G.Altifrons "Aripuana II" (pair), G.Araguaia "Orange Head"(2m,1f),G.Tapajos"Orange Head"(pair),G.Abalios(1m,2f),A.Heckelii(pair),G.sp ? (1),i think that's it atm.
impressive,what does the G.sp?(1) looks like? you donno wich exact specie? btw, i know you taste for eartheater-lookin fish..not interested by biotoma cupido?
It is still to young to tell was labelled as G.sp Araguari but isn't as they are very few and far between,so had to get it out of curiosity to find out what it is.Looks similar atm to An Orange head but vertical bars are different so have to wait until it grows up a bit. Cupido are here but maybe only about 10-12 and the guys that have them won't part with them.
Will try and get a pic of it.
need more smiles for that