My DIY background finally done in 75 gal tank | by Vincent Steen

My DIY background finally done in 75 gal tank

75 gallon tank for my son's flowerhorn (he outgrew the 50 gal) I made the back, the 2 sides, and the bottom look like rocks (in case they move the sand away - it will look like rocks there also!) He's a little pale.....but he's still getting used to his new surroundings.


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Nice!! the backround looks great..would love to know how u did it!
Styro foam carved into shape, and then I added layer after layer of concrete. Once it is just the way I like it - you use gobs of silicone and silicone it into place. Then you "cure it" by filling the tank up, and draining the tank like a million times until the ph is stabalized.....and your done! If you did the sides like I did - you may want to spray paint the back and sides black so that you dont see the styrofoam. It's actually a fun and easy project - just remember to measure twice and cut once!!!! and use 100% silicone - as bathroom silicone is toxic to fish. Give it a try!
hmm sounds like a project to me!
holy cow, nice tank!
Im thinking of doing this to my new 75g tank also. Where did you buy the styrofoam?
Outstanding job Vincent. Tank looks great.
Thanks all, now my flowerhorn can continue growing....... I've never had one before - I'm amazed at how fast they grow! Mine went from 1.5" to 10" in like 4 months! And his color is awesome, and he is very gentle toward everyone (except feeders!!!) He's more like a pet than a fish - my son really likes him! Dane, as for my styrofoam - I had a few large styro boxes laying around, and so I used them - but Lowes or Home Depot or even arts and crafts stores all sell sheets of styro foam. On my first background on my 210 gal tank I used plankboard ( alot thicker) If I was going to plan on doing another one (and had to buy material) I would use the thick green styrofoam sheets that they sell at arts&crafts stores (if the concrete ever cracked off - at least green would show thru and not bright white!) Good Luck - and post pictures!
nice fish, tank and background!!
thanks thanks yours too
Update: He has continued to grow and grow, and is now about 14 inches!!! So I've updated again to a 90 gal tank. No DIY background in this one, this time I made corner overflows to hide all of the tubes and wires, so all you ever see is the fish and decor. He seems to love it! I will post new pictures when I get a chance (my son wanted Bikini Bottom - Spongebobs' town - so that is the new theme that I was going for....looks pretty cute.)
Nice Fish... Nice Tank
this background looks great