My 75 gallon mixed african tank | by Maria Thomas

My 75 gallon mixed african tank

here's another can see how much bigger they are


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That is such a cool design, i hope one day my tank can look that cool!
that's a nice tank but the rocks look just a little too uniform
Lots of hidey holes. Looks good
evne more important you got some amazing fish!
u gotta tell me where du u get these kind of rocks iv searched all the local garden center like home depot and lowes but all the have are little tiny rocks? do u know a place to tell me where to buy?
nice tank, I like the fish mix........find a creek Oscar.
They are river rocks. They look great in Malawi tanks!
Yes..these are Tennessee river rocks..I ffound them at a plant nursery by where i live. Thanks for the comments guys!
Your tank actually inspired my tank design, but I couldn't find those rocks, so I went with the Texa Lace
hey Maria, nice tank. I love the rock work.
Thanks guys! i really researched africans before i set this tank up and let me tell you I can't get enough of there personalities..I can sit in front of the tank for hours! I have more pics at: Tanks just copy and paste to address bar :) Adam Texas lace is nice rock too..did you try some landscaping or plant nurseries?