My 530 gallon tank with malawi predators. | by undefined

My 530 gallon tank with malawi predators.

Like the gallery moderator asked me to put my pics together I put them togehter in one single image (may take a little time to download). So you can take off all the other ones. Fish are malawis (mostly predators) which live in sandzones in the lake malawi. T.Macrostoma, T.Maculiceps, N.Livingstoni, T.Nigriventer, A.Christyi, C.Caeruleus, P.Milomo, C.Moori, F.Rostratus, N.Fusco, P.Phenochilus Tanzania and 3 Synodontis Multipunctatus. Dimensions are 250cm x 80cm(height) x 100cm(depth). Filtration works with 12000 litres per hour (2 pumps) out of a 400 litres filter tank under the main tank. I regulary have to give fish away because they breed every week since several months. So I think they can't be very unhappy.


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I didn't say place them ALL in one shot, just up load them together so they are on the same page and by each other..THIS does work thou.. Thank you for sharing a great tank project!
wow, your setup rocks.
thanks for sharing congratulation
Always forgot to post my name. so there it is. By the way...does anybody know at what size Tyrannochromis macrostoma males get coloured? My biggest one is 15 cm at the moment and is still brown wit a bit shiny blue. You cannot see yet by the fin if it is male or female. They are all a bit pointed.
How can I make the link from my tank picture to those I put in the cichlid gallery? Please help.
Great looking tank!
would love to have a tank this big!
very very nice setup!!!
wow, do you swim with your fish!?
awesome i wish i had dat!!!!!!! i got a 60 litre and its nothin compared 2 dat ill say it agen awesome. how much did i cost and wat cichlids ave u got
My dream tank....
looks good for your 1st attempt, but you neet more caves/holes.
No, caves are for Mbuna. These are big fisheater. They don't need holes. The need free sand zones and swimmimg space. You confused this with Mbuna cichlids.
wow that's big...
Incredible tank and fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there goes my life savings out the window...nice tank
I wonder what happened when they all grew up ??
you deserve a clap!!!!! amazing
i love it absolutely perfect beautiful.. what a tank .. wish i had it...
Just WOW!
/Begins a slow clap That tank is sick
Very Impressive......Everyone give this man a round of applause.......Clap Clap
Looks great, nice work
i was the hobby be still am in it i has big rock in mind when take out the rock i make sure i wash it down real good before i put them back in the tank