Mixed Africans | by ben veasey

Mixed Africans

Just under 100US gals, mostly Malawi - and a couple of Tanganykan. Have started adding a few wild caughts since I last posted- you can get unusual and interesting fish this way, but I always feel unsure wether its cruel or not - they seem happy and have coloured well - I add lots of cichlid minerals etc to help replicate the water in the lake but if I think the fish are suffering in any way I wont add any more. As always my tank is crowded but it seems to work for me - I do several water changes a week and also bullying is kept to a minimum. Also keep mostly males to avoid fish becoming aggressive as they try to mate, they also become very coloured as they compete against one another, though downside is shy fish can go brown.


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Very nice Ben... The fish look great. I feel at least they don't have to fight for survival like in the lake. You are going to give them a good diet and home.
great tank, nice collection of fish, lots of colour
Is that a rostratus in the upper right corner? Magnificent fish, on my list when i get a big tank.
WOW!!! this tank is amazing, you have most of my favorite haps. do you have an Aristochromis Christyi(SP?) those and Exogynis(SP?) are my favorite haps.
Awesome Tank, Great Colors.... A+++
Hi Ben, good seeing this beautiful tank. :)
Great looking tank, Ben.. those are some beautiful fish... I'd love to see a pic of the Compressiceps alone.. nice work.... :)
Absolutley Amazing!
thanks for the comments - I dont have an Aristochromis Christyi in the tank or an Exogynis, I've just added a protomelas sp steveni imperial and a small aulonocara maulana - but as you can tell 'm pretty much packed full.
Great Job Love the Decoration and the awesome display of colorful fish. Would love to see the red guy in the middle up close.
beautiful tank with great fishes
soo love this tank..
great tank ben..
wow it looks even nicer in th efullsize version.great job. really stunning. Once again i love teh effect of the wavy substrate..how do you do that?
wavy subtsrate - I just 'hoover' the sand up when cleaning and let it fall in mounds - and scoop with my hand - the effect only lasts for a day - I just re do it when it goes flat.
Always nice to see your tank Ben. Your fish are so colorful and look very healthy.