Mixed African Cichlids | by ben veasey

Mixed African Cichlids

update of my tank..since I last posted I changed filter to a Eheim 2028 and a Fluval 4+ internal- the Eheim has made a massive difference to the water quality..I can't recommend one enough. The Eye-Biter has coloured up -took about 3 weeks from a dull silver to a bright blue with orange fins. Have added a male rostratus - fully coloured up rostratus are in my opinion the most fantastic of all African Cichlids, mine has little colour but has just started to get a bit bossy in the tank and has developed darker markings and a hint of red and green on its body so I'm hoping this is the start of it gaining its full adult colour, also added a Cameroon Crab - beautiful red, purple and white - though it runs like lightning when it escapes, I have to use chop sticks to get it back in the tank...


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Wow! gorgeous fish! What size tank?
thats a great mix of fish!
how big is your tank and how many fish do you have in it
the tank is around 75US gallons with 25 fish - its 130cm / 51in long. Because the tank is busy I've got good filtration - a Eheim pro 2028 (for tanks up to 160 gallons) and an internal Fluval (for tanks up to 50 gallons). I do a couple of water changes a week as well.
wow very nice one thing your tropheus... should not be in there. They are veggi eaters and dont need protein because it will kill them by bloat. One more thing whats that silver cichlid thats on the top left with black dots?
the tropheus is nearly 5 yrs old and is doing very well - its doubled in size since I have had him.. as long as you give a good varied diet - including the frozen blocks and spirulina, tropheus should be ok, it dosnt hurt to treat the whole tank with anti-bloat tablets now and then though, these tablets don't effect the bacteria in the tank. The silver fish with black dots is a rostratus - when fully coloured they are the most stunning cichlid to have - metalic blue, black red and green...mine has just started to get a hint of red and green and the black is becoming more defined, fingers crossed its going to colour up - though they can be viscious when fully coloured.
Very nice,i also have a mixed african tank with a tropheus pemba and have been told exactly what justin said,but the same as u ben i have no probs at all and i agree a crowded tank makes for less aggresion. Looks great.
Excellent tank.
post a pic of the crab!
What is your fish list? What a beautiful combination of fish you have Ben.
Excellent a blast from the past!!!!!!
Beautiful!!! dont know why but it looks more like 8foot than 51" !!
Never kept eyebiters...do they not bite eyes then?
Svidja mi se MIX !
pretty tank! i love the rocks
Very cool also would like to see a picture of a crab?
whats that purple and white blotchy fish called in the front of the tank??? and how much gallons??
Since the tank is a 75 gallon...I would say that is a OB Peacock (hybrid) peacock
no an eyebitter does not bite eye lol the name has nothing to do with the fish it does get alittle larger thank africans do and are carnivors and love to hunt. but when feed good they are just fine
but if there are little fish and they have the chance they will go after them
Lets see a new picture of this..
wonderful setup
damn.. looks like a 220 gallon
Very cool tank. I am truly inspired.
I love that venustus and the other cichlids and your tank i wish i had my venustus still but i have a baby venustus that is to small to tell yet but I love you tank still.