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Old Set Up still thriving!


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Looks very good, is that a Frontosa??? I am thinking of adding 2 in my tank but I heard they get really big and fast like Oscars. The petstore is selling 2 of them for 15 bucks each, do you think I should get them? I already have about 30 fish in my 75, but many of them are 2-3 inches.
actually frontosa's are slow grower. they grow about 4" a year. but they a thing of beauty. for $15 i'd get them. good luck!!!!!
Pic looks like too many fish in that tank to me, half your fish are hust hovering by the glass..... and Mark.. 30 fish in a 75gallon? even at 2-3 inches, what do you want your tank to look like? A LFS tank filled with fish waiting for food 24/7? I wouldn't add 2 fronts to your 75gallon.. Why do peeps have to cram fish into small tanks..I understand we love our fish.. But space and some territory make our fish happier and more interesting to watch.. Suit yourselves...
Well, I overcrowd my tank to minimize aggression, n i got no problem since I have several tanks too. This tank is like a community tank that every fish got to know each other, and i put females in it too, and they seem to mature faster, then i separate them to another tank when they breed, i got Taiwn Reef fryes,Strawberry P.fryes,and Electric Blue fryes. on differnt Tank of course!
I dont like my tank being empty. I like watching tons of fish all at once. My fish hide a lot and always come out when I feed them. I want big massive fish all over the place. Im thinking about those Frontosas but they are very small like 1 inch. And Im poor over here and dont want to spend so much. $30 could get like 6 other cichlids I like.