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Mix cichlids

jd growning its tail fin back after getting eat by 12" oscar about 6 months ago in different tank + other cichlids


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So you have the americans and africans seperated now?
not yet, im in the process of settin up a 55gallon tank for the americans, but they have been together for almost a year now.
Frank; what size is this tank ? you need a large tank for your americans thay tend to get lg. pending how meny you have ?
125 gallon tank 6 feet long
So then I'd say keep the americans in here, and put the africans in the 55g.
YEP !!! I'd agree with that , it would be more peaceful for americans in 125. how many afericans do you have ?
i want to make the 125g tank all africans because i like having large groups so i was hoping to get about 30/40 african, maybe even rehome the americans to my buddys big tank, Thanks for the advice.
i have 11 african and 7 american ( i think lol) 3 gars and 3 plecos
I would not over stock africans and try not to get same color males together thay will not get along at all ! Plus if you have females with them cross breeding will happen :( thats what i'm workn on now getten all my grps. of africans in their own tank so breedn will be more pure to the line of fish.
11 africans in 55 should be ok , and the 7 americans in 125 would be great ! Others might help on americans ?
the americans definately need the bigger tank. in a 55 they will kill each other
the 55 will stunt thier growth also. my nephew has one jd in a 55 that is the brother to mine, and i dought hes 5 inchs.