Metriaclima estherae - Female or Male? | by BlueBerry Wizard

Metriaclima estherae - Female or Male?

This is my Metriaclima estherae. I am not very sure what sex it is? Can anyone tell me. Thank you.


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To sex these fish you need LIGHT on the bottom tail fin.. AS more egg spots is a male, NONE to less and not as bold is a female..
female for sure if it is semi-adult ore bigger. In males the top fin turns light blue together with the bottom ones. The eggspots in males are less in number but bigger and brighter. Females have no spots or many, it may vary, but all spots are barely visible until maturity, not bright yellow. This of course is not the bible: exceptions in nature confirm the rule. Then there are hybrids but this is not my territory. ciao
Thank you for the comments.
She is a cutie! Good luck with your 90 gallon. Decided which fish you are oging to put in it yet? Addictive isnt it?
Thank you very much for the comment Mal&Ant Benfre. Boosted my spirits after reading negative comments on one of my other pictures. In my 90 gallon tank I will be putting in some of the same fish, and getting a mate for my Metriaclima estherae, as well as my Pseudotropheus Lombardoi, and if all three of my Pseudotrohpeus Socofli are the same sex, than I will need mates for them too. (Two of the Socolofi are not full size yet.)
Oh and yes, Cichlids are a very addictive hobby!
Why did u guys give blueberries fish a low rating..Its very beautiful
Looks like a male...I have one in my tank exactly like it.
Katrina this post is three years old. None of the people are still on here. That I know of anyway. Even Barb, who is wrong about sexing these fish, Egg spots are never a fool proof way of sexing cichlids.
OH...I didnt noticed it was 3 years old...