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Male and female Kribensis


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mine were very colourful when i first bought them but since then they have faded in colour they are all very healthy but the colours have faded what can i do to mantain the colouring?
try and feed them sumthing of the algae or vegetable sort eg.cichlid peletts or algae disks.feed this aswell as meaty foods eg.bloodworm.if u already feed them pellets or algae discs then never mind this advise!
Happy Christmas everybody, remember a cichlid is for life, not just for Christmas. My rams and angles keep laying eggs, my kribennsis are really bright, think they are breeding, I'll have to put a cave in for them. Hopefully ,father Christmas will get me a couple of electric blue rams and i like the look of the peacocks if anyone's got any spare lol. Merry Christmas to you all and keep safe.