Male Obliquiden(sp?) | by Noel Cook

Male Obliquiden(sp?)


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is he always this dark? I have an obliquidens and he is lighter with vibrant coloring. maybe yours is larger and more dominant? I wish I knew more about this fascinating species
No he's not always this dark. But he's in a tank with some larger more aggresive fish so I think he stays dark to keep them from messing with him. It seems to work for him.
WOW.. you have some amazing looking fish.!!
He looks more like sp. hap #44(thikskin) instead of zebra obliq
I have to agree with Kye, it looks like a fully charged Hap sp. 44
The zebra obliq is another variaty. This guy is an obliq you just don't see this kind as often as the zebras. It is a hap. just depends on what site/book you look at for the name.
Nice fish! I think he looks like a Haplochromis sp.44 "Red Tail"