Male German Blue Ram | by Donna M

Male German Blue Ram


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Wow!! that is nice Donna, very nice!
Nice, Hey Donna, how are you?
I'm good Roger! Thanks J & T ....I wish you could see the black spikey part of the top fin, it got lost with the dark rock behind him.
Trust me donna, i can see it, very good looking specimen, not all get so nice.
thanks....his girlfriend is very blah :) .... but he still chases her around like she's a super model!
nice but these fish are hard to take care of. i kept the water good and the temp good but i had no luck
I must be lucky :) I started my first cichlid tank in April with 3 of these guys and 5 Keyholes in a 20 gal.....lost only one didn't seem healthy from the start :( At least the 2 I have left are a happy couple.
lol yeah u are lucky
Great photo.
awesome !!!
Great Ram!!!!
Excellent Ram
Not as pretty as your those longer fins!
I just got him today...hopefully he'll color up once they setle in.
Hey,guys why sre they hard to take care of are they like Discus??
After seeing that one, Dam another tank!
WOW! He is absolutely gorgeous! Excellent shot Donna.
very good pic, nice dwarf
wow Donna, didn't know you have these Rams. How long ago did you get them?
super nice male donna , might have convinced me to go out and find another 30 gallon and start a dwarf tank , shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell the wife !!
nice male ram i have two males just like him. one has really long spikey rays on his dorsal fin an the others isnt as long, i now have 6 rams and 4 keyholes and they all are amazing little dwarfs
Thanks guys! Alex....I have had them since April, the GBR's & Keyholes were my first cichlids. I just lost my female today :( I think the male wore her out....he chases her like crazy when it's breeding time. She had a pink belly....she was ready to lay more eggs. Guess I'm not that lucky Anthony :)
great looking fish unreal ..
Great Pic
Great fish
how much?