Male-Acei-2-years old | by Mark & Kathy Lindamood

Male-Acei-2-years old


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Very handsome! I have a female about the same age and she is my baby in the tank. If there was ever a fish I actually connected with, it's her. She comes right up to me every single time and has such a playful and mellow attitude...She's always getting picked on though...What other fish do you have in the tank with him?
Nice we keep Anna our female white tail alone.
Roger, mine is a female white tail too and she's never ever been viscious so I can house her with just about anything. But she really prefers my aulonocara peacock...any chance they'd breed? On one hand, I hope not, but on the other hand, I've never had fish babies! =(
Yep they might. Anna has had 100's of babies. She will come up and take a flake from Patty's hand. She is a very calm fish as well. I will try and post a pic of her.
Jennifer,He is in a 40 gallon breeder tank right now with my two females,
Mark, I am so glad things are some better. Prayer helps.
Really nice acei.