Lost every last fish | by Julia M

Lost every last fish

I went out of the country for 2 weeks and left someone in charge of my tank. One by one, they all died. It's a total mystery and I'm so devastated about it. I'm in the process of taking all of the rocks out and cleaning them, but need some more advice as to how to clean to make sure that new fish won't die. Will go into detail about what happened in a comment below.

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I had no aggression issues in this tank. 3 days after I went out of town, I got a text that a fish had died. Nothing appeared to be wrong with it or any of the others. The next day, another fish was dead with no visible issues, and another had a white eye. I told her to go get antifungal. She bought antibacterial instead, and the next day, the fish with the white eye was dead. She said the eye looked like it had ruptured also. She tested the water and all levels were normal. She did a 50% water change and put in more antibacterial and got a pack of those pills to treat many issues. The next day, another fish was dead. She said the ones that died were looking sluggish the day before they went. When I got home, there were 2 fish left (of course my cheapest ones). I just lost the last one last week. They both looked like they were having difficulty breathing. I have no idea what caused this as the water was normal, no fish had been added, nothing. I am filling the tank up halfway now and then going to suck the water back out. I am paranoid about my sand being contaminated, is that possible? If you have any input, please let me know! Thank you
Sorry to hear this. Sometimes this could be from bad foods or as simple as the contaminates from a person's hands when feeding them. I would just clean the stones, stir the sand, rinse all off, refill tank, check water parameters, change all filter media and start with a couple inexpensive fish to test the waters. Don't be discouraged. Good luck!
agree , so sorry .
Very sorry to hear. You had some really nice fish. I also agree with Leo. Lots of luck.