Looking for Moba's | by Scott Mayes

Looking for Moba's

If anyone knows where i can get some Moba fry or juvie size please let me know.... Thanks


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everytime i see this tank it makes me want to get an african tank.
What kind of fish is the yellow one above the front?
nice group!
http://LittleAfricaAquatics.Com/ email him his name is Greg he had some last week for 35 bucks he lives in Louisville so local pick is available he had 16
His email is littleafricaaquatics@hotmail.com the other is his website
this was his last update on list from the 24th F1 Cyph. gibberosa Moba Blue Zaire 1" The Highest quality in mobas, I hand picked my group they are the real deal, stunning color! $35.00/fish. (3) but he gets them all the time his # is (502) 637-3495 i hope it helps
Great group Scott, Did all these guys grow up together?