Tony this is him | by Jeremy Weir

Tony this is him

I think thats what he is, bought this one when thinking it was a male, SWEET! He is still very small but should be nice. He has a blaze to but a little hard to see here.


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Yep he's gonna be nice
very nice, i want one of these.
Nice... Great to see you again!
Nice, I have 2 about the same size, one has a full blaze, but not sure if the other will!
Jeremy, my buddy :) You've been away too long. Hope all is going great with you and your family. Missed being able to joke around with you. This guy is a winner, btw.
This is a old picture of him though, he's about 3" now. I will see if I can get a picture of him soon.
i have some 2 and 3 to 3.5,that would be fine
Cool, just took some new pics of him. Lets see if I remember how to post them lol.