Little but tough | by Jeremy Weir

Little but tough

Look a his dorsal this is a baby that is growing up with the big boys.


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Woah, hes already been through some fights
Yup Joey thats all Demasonis do is fight lol. They are very cool fish to watch Joey, they hug rocks and will be any which way even upside down.
Cool! Well not cool for whichever Demasoni loses a fight.. lol
Thats why you put a lot of fish in there and a ton of rocks then the same one don't get picked on all the time.
Yea evryone on the site told me to overstock my tank wit stuff, so I did, Sorta... I have so many caves and rocks & stuff.. 5 Mbuna and 1 Peacock... SO I do have room for more fish, but its only a 30, so I don't wanna cramp to many fish in there.
Yeah be careful with a 30gal not alot of room for Africans unless just a breeding pair.
Rich color.