Jack Dempsey(not sure??) | by Bob Kelly

Jack Dempsey(not sure??)

I'm petty sure this guy is a Jack Dempsey,.....but is he 100% Dempsey, the red eyes throw me off, I got him from my friends LFS, she thinks it's a mix(Dempsey & ?),any thoughts? Thanks


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definitely NOT a dempsey. more likely flowerhorn. i see little or no jd in this fish. that being said, it is a very nice looking fish
kinda cool
thanks for ur thoughts Dan, and compliments you guys
Def. a flowerhorn.
I think flowerhorn as well! Nice looking fish whatever it is.
looks like a kanfa.
looks like female flowerhorn
Ok folks.....I guess I have a Flowerhorn, thanks for all your wisdom and kind comments......I'm new here and love this site, it's very informative!
you're welcome Bob. on the plus side, flowerhorns cost quite a bit more than jds so if you dont to keep it, you can get a decent buck for it
the more i research this matter,i feel this is a flowerhorn/dempsey mix
Maybe crossed with Texas or carpentis but I say def. not Dempsey.
agree. i dont see any jd here. i have been keeping/breeding dempseys for 35 years and dont see any markers that would suggest jd
being that the consensus says its a FH, any thoughts on food? I've been feeding cichlid biogold pellets,bloodworms,crickets and brine shrimp...loves em all
That sounds fine
I'm in the same pickle with my boy Teke.He has the body of a Green Terror but the markings of a JD. I just posted so if yall want to take a look for yourselves and tell me what you think that would be awesome lol