Isn't she a beauty? | by Rhea H

Isn't she a beauty?


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Awesome female. I kept these in the late 70s along with rams and cory cats.
Cool one Rhea, didn't know you kept kribs... you mind posting a tank shot just for me, pretty plz! :)
Hey Joey, I just packed up my camera and gear. I will get some good tanks shots soon and post for you ok?
beautiful. i 2nd Joey
Good luck with the breeding!!! very good parents,I'v got purples, albino's. After 2-3 weeks after babys free swimming seperate males from babys n mom, my experience....
Ok cool, thx Rhea..
Thanks Steve. I've had Kribs before but were in a very busy tank and never got any fry. I can tell already that these females are looking pretty fierce!
OOOOHhhhhh yea thay can be !!!
What kind of ratio did you keep for males vs. females?
1=1 PAIRS ONLY with differs in tank top level differs...
uh oh. I have two females and 4 males. Even in 100 gallons?
I have my pairs in 20gal. tanks ? not sure with 100 maybe ok if u have stones for each pr. mine do their breeding in cichlid stones!!! and protect them to the end!!!
let them pr. and seperate other males!!!
Ya ok Steve. I was hoping for less work, but looking like I made more for myself hey??!! I will build up more caves and keep my eye on them. That one bright female is already pretty bossy....
I'll try to post some of mine for ya ! tonight or tomarrow !!!Have great luck with them I luv mine thay are very cool with attitudes!!! purdy tho...
I'd love to see your pictures! I have always loved Kribs. Haven't had any luck finding them in the past few years. I think I got over excited when I saw them finally so I bought too many!
these are a yellow form krib ! I'll have to dig up my paper wk. on different krib types...
Marvelous krib.