Indented White Spots | by Jennifer Morford

Indented White Spots

About two months ago these started to appear, I've done every chemcial the LFS told me too, I'm still on my fourth day of melafix, but it's not doing anything for the spots. No one else has them, but she got 'beaten up' a few days ago and the melafix is helping her fin, but not the spots. Any ideas? I know it's hard to see, but it's as close as I can get

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Jennifer, it looks like hole in the head.can't say 100% from this pic but I believe so.Do 20% water changes every other day for a week and watch and see who is picking on her.Then do a min of 40% weekly water changes and it should start healing.may need to move Her or the fish that is picking on Her
I've seen this before, It's next to impossible to cure this with meds from the lfs. If you keep them well fed, the water clean (25%/week) eventually they will go away on there own, This infection (Viral?/Bacterial?/Parasitic? is common in stores that keep their fish on central systems. The store is just taking your money....
next would be to get it out of an african set up and into a tank meant for sa/ca fish , with some driftwood . the tannins from the wood will help with healing also .
Well, the tank she was supposed to be moved into is going to happen asap. I have to get a heater and set it up again that the dog rescue I volunteer/work for. She has a stand, but the agreement was that I would do the tank at the store for all to see. So in the next 5 days it should be set up. I've tried cycle, water changes with good bacteria added, ich meds, melafix etc. I've tried damn near everything. I keep them well fed, I feed three small meals instead of one big one. I'm going to leave her in this tank and move the zebra, paradoxus, exasperatus,rusty etc. into the other tank...she gets abuse from the paradoxus and zebra 9 * outta 10. (Paradoxus not my choice, friend was getting rid of her tank...don't care for him, but he needed a home)So I will start the regular 20%water changes every other day for a week and then do a min 40% weekly until clear. Thanks everyone, I really hope this works because nothing else has worked so far. I walways get the feeling my LFS, Petland is taking my money and laughing all the way to the bank, but unless I can drive 30-45 mins, I have no other choice. =)