I have a question... | by Miguel Salazar

I have a question...

I had a question about changing the water from the tank. How often should i clean the gravel from the tank? Every time i do a water change i clean the gravel with that suction tube, i wanted to know if it thats to much.


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oh and i forgot to mention its a 180gallon tank.
On my 125 I do a 20-30% water change/re decor with a good gravel clean every 2 weeks
oh ok. So its better to do a gravel clean everytime i do a water change. 30% every week.
on my 125, i do 50% change and vacuum weekly but it is a well stocked tank. i do the same with all of my tanks
I try to clean weekly,but lately its been every 2 weeks. It also depends on your filter
ok. thanks
same as Dan on all tanks except for the fry tanks & they get 50-70% every other day .
I agree with Dan and Vince. I'd also like to add, do not clean your filter(s) on the same day as water change and gravel cleaning. Marvelous dolphin, btw.