I have a breeder to breeder question  | by Rusty Short

I have a breeder to breeder question

I have a elongatus chailosi female that is a beautiful girl. But she has very small egg counts. Is there any suggestions to possibly up the number of eggs produced?


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I would THINK total egg count will grow as she goes and the more times she holds and becomes experienced.
A little extra protein in the diet can help to fatten them up and produce more eggs. I know, I know, too much protein is not good but you can give them a little more without over doing it. Especially if not in the form of a processed shellfish. Sometimes they ditch some of the eggs if they don't get fertilized. I stripped an mbweca today, 12 eggs. Half were hollow and pale (unfertilized). I think it's because the male is so aggressive during the spawning process that the female gets a ton of harassment and not much milt. Maybe this is your scenario. If she's young, maybe it's like JC said. And some females just produce infrequent, small broods.
Thanks guys. She has held 5 times. First time 2 fry. She held successful. Since then she will eat or spit the early. She's close to 3". Aaron keep me posted on the mbweca. Im the guy that came with Jeff that day to your house. BTW the lions cove are doing great.
Hey JC I shot you an email. And thanks for advice
Blanched Shelled Green Peas about twice a week
Thanks Vince. I will definitely give that a shot.
Frozen not canned
Frozen peas are always good to have around. Good for bloat and other things also. It has worked for me. But obviously thaw them in water and smash them
Yeah I have a bag of them in freezer. Will start with it tomorrow.
Wow, thanks to you all, great advice and learned a thing or two...
Thanks to everyone for the advice.