ID my Cichlid please. | by BlueBerry Wizard

ID my Cichlid please.

Another picture of my black Cichlid. Please identify him. (The scars on his sides have healed mostly by now.)


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USING A FLASH would be good so WE CAN SEE HIM!! I can't even try to guess as I CAN'T SEE THIS FISH.. Come on...
Yes we need better pics than these.
Look at how beat up his flesh is. Poor guy!
I'll try to get better pictures of him... Also It's not my fault his flesh is a mess, he was like that when I got him.
I guess it is an oscar, Astronotus ocellatus, but it is hard to tell with this bad pic.
No way is it an Oscar, looks like an African from the body shape, but need a decent pic.
I'll get better pics of him. Just one thing I observed is he communicates through body movement in the exact same way as my Socolofi's.
u seem 2 have a lot of fish problems.
That's it. As soon I get a new picture of him I'm getting rid of this one 4EVER!!!
this picture is bad and your fish is beat up and whack
R.I.P. this guy died about a year after this picture was taken when he lost one of his eyes...