ID for Zebra looking fish? | by Jennifer Morford

ID for Zebra looking fish?

I know that J. Marlieri, but any idea's other than Zebra type Peacock?


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The top fish is a rusty cichlid (Iodotropheus sprengerae). The bottom striped fish is a Neolamprologus cylindricus not a J. marleri
I agree with James!
Thank you! Wow, you're right about the cylindricus...I'm always taking fish for other people and 9 times outta 10 they don't know what they are and I do my best, but I'm not an expert by any means. I'm excited though because the blue on the him wasn't there when I got him 10 days ago and the 'yellow' was more brown...that's a good thing right? How much do Rusty's cost? I like this one and would like to get a mate if it's a good idea.
Rusties are cheap, (4-8 bucks for juvies, no more than 10-15 for adults). Generally color is an excellent indicator of health, the brighter the colors the "happier" the fish is. P.S. your rusty here looks like a male.
So mine isn't very happy! I'm getting ready (3 more days) to move my less aggressive fish to another tank. I found a stand, but want the tank to run for a few more days before I move anyone. I took 25% of the water from this tank and put it in the other one. The tank will have been running for a week...that's enough time to run before moving fish right?
It should be fine.
Good Good! All my peaceful babies will now be able to relax...or at least I hope! None of my fish have ever breed and I want them too, but I'd rather have two of the same fish breed and not 'hybrids' or 'mutts' as we call them in the dog world =)