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Dwarf Flag Cichlid
Dwarf Flag Cichlid
Dwarf Flag Cichlid
It was in a convict tank but it didnt look like a convict to me? So i bought him.
posted by: R Kizel

Apr 9th, 2008
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harvick fan » posted 2008/04/09 12:33 pm
Aequidens curviceps or flag cichlid . dwarf cichlid from amazon
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2008/04/09 12:34 pm
agree with Brian, nice fish
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 12:34 pm
Right on i just check you dont know any info on them do you ?
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 12:36 pm  
thank u
harvick fan » posted 2008/04/09 12:40 pm  
like what? ... almost no sexual dimorphism ,if you do get a pair very easy to breed , good with a planted tank ,spawn on flat stones , cluster of up to 300 eggs , after fry hatch they are carried to pits and guarded .
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2008/04/09 12:45 pm
Nice Kizel.. Brian sounds like a convict
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/09 12:51 pm
WOw Brian sure have read his books! when i had mine he/she used to control my FH it was cool watching it. Brian Do u think about 2 of this would do fine in my planted tank with my angel?
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 12:54 pm  
Thnks are they rare i have never seen em around where i live before. like it says i saw him in the convict tank and liked the way he looked figuring it wasnt a convict bought him. $2.99 did i overpay ?
THE chuck » posted 2008/04/09 01:03 pm  
laetacara curviceps
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/09 01:04 pm  
well they are rare sometimes but i found mine in a ram tank when petsmart used to bring rams in also Curviceps but they clear all curvis and put rams!!
THE chuck » posted 2008/04/09 01:06 pm
get him non-agressive tank mates, you can keep it just like other dwarfs,just like harvick explained it
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 01:07 pm  
Yea i just got him at a LFS so im gonna see if they can get a couple more for me this one is a very interesting fish. Will he be fine in my American tank? or should he go in with the Ram tank once its up and running?
Juan Damelines » posted 2008/04/09 01:17 pm  
Chuck check the last picture out i know u want them lol
michael diaz » posted 2008/04/09 01:43 pm
Hey, kizel was going on??
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 01:56 pm  
Hey mike this is the one i said i had bought with the convict
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2008/04/09 02:12 pm
Nice find Robert.
harvick fan » posted 2008/04/09 03:17 pm  
id put it in ram tank , they are very peaceful cichlid and i dont know what you have in american tank but they would probably be harassed or worse killed
michael diaz » posted 2008/04/09 03:31 pm
Yeah put it in with the Rams..
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 04:05 pm  
I have a Dempsey an oscar that big pleco and a convict. and does anyone have some suggestions of smaller americans i would be able to put in with them that dont get big but can hold there own with bigger fish???
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2008/04/09 04:16 pm
festivum, rainbow, jurupari to name a few
R Kizel » posted 2008/04/09 04:43 pm  
***kylie *** » posted 2008/04/09 05:19 pm
THE chuck » posted 2008/04/09 06:10 pm  
sorry dan but i disagree on you suggestions..R kizel:most archocentrus could go( sajica, spirulum, etc, if you can get them)firemouth, salvini...quite limited..and remember, its always hard to introduce new cichlids in a tank with already established ones, especially with fish with attitude like yours!
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2008/04/09 06:18 pm  
Chuck, i misread the post. i meant that the curvicep should do ok with the fish i suggested. my bad
THE chuck » posted 2008/04/09 06:21 pm  
cool dan ,so for curviceps it sound good then
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2008/04/09 06:29 pm  
cool, i pay strict attention when you, Nate and others give advice. i would not have had a clue a year ago
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/10/30 07:56 pm

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Alexander Langer

Alexander Langer

cool, one of my favorites :)
Dee Casta

Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras
Dee Casta

Its a jack dempsey
Alexander Langer

as said in the other picture, could be true. Aquidens (blue acara) are know
Alexander Langer

wow, great colors, beautiful!
Alexander Langer

it's still small, but to me it seems as a blue acara is plausible. Wait unt