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Is this ID correct? (Excuse the all the smudges and what six year old LOVES to write with window markers and paint on the front of the tank to give the fish something 'pretty to look at' LOL when I ask her to wipe it off, I don't exactly get a job I'd pay $$ for)


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It's not a bad guess you gave there, but IMO it's more likely a peacock/fryeri hybrid. Maisoni peacocks are not common, and would be labled/priced accordingly (80-150/pr)
I recently aquired 5 of these butes for $10 bucks. and 5 solasi for 10 bucks. I have four males and one female. I took the female out and put it in my girlfriends tank. That way I dont have to worry about any casualties caused by terraTORIAL disputes. as well as agressive nest protecting.
Got this one from a friend shutting down her tank...she paid $ I'm guessing it's not Masoni. I'll look up the fryeri hybrid, thank you!
Maisoni also have yellow pelvic fins. Could also be an azureus/fryeri hybrid too.
looks like a Aulonocara masoni to me & they are not rare here & sell for $39- $69 a pair & I've seen single males as low as $10 even though they are sold under many common names...............
James not all have yellow pelvic fins .
Actually they do all have some yellow or orange in the pelvics (depending on precise local of collection) It's diagnostic of the species. I've never seen them less than 100/pr retail (wild) G1s may be cheaper, just not a lot of people breeding them.
well James I bred them for a few years & I started with wild stock ,the yellow pelvic fin color seems to be a quality point. the larger males of the spawn had more yellow . the sub dominate males had less to none. some show quality males had even a touch of yellow on their sides & anal fins. James very few people buy wild fish compared to tank raised.