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barancistrus sp. "L047 Magnum pleco"
barancistrus sp. "L047 Magnum pleco"
barancistrus sp. "L047 Magnum pleco"
Finally got a shot of a very shy pleco. I've had him for about 8 months, very rarely comes out, at least when the lights are on.
posted by: James Martin

Dec 8th, 2007
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James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 03:23 pm  
Actually it's barancistrus, I was thinking of my old pair of zebra plecos I sold for 60 bucks to a buddy of mine about 6 yrs ago, Doh!
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/12/08 03:42 pm  
Baryancistrus sp. (L047). Thought it was a Gold Nugget until I saw the fin tips :)
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/12/08 03:43 pm
You sold a pair of L46 for $60 ? Bet you could kick yourself now :)
THE chuck » posted 2007/12/08 03:45 pm
aka mango...nice
James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 03:51 pm  
When I sold 'em we were importing them for around 40 bucks landed, so it was a bit of a deal for him then, but I recently saw tiny half starved ones for 300 bucks, mine were almost 3 inches on the male and close to 2 inches for the female. Hindsight is 20/20
Earth Eater » posted 2007/12/08 03:55 pm
Nice,now if you'll all excuse me why i go cry in the corner. ;)
THE chuck » posted 2007/12/08 03:59 pm  
lol...keith , get out of that country...come to the states or canada, and youll get everything!!!
Earth Eater » posted 2007/12/08 04:02 pm  
Chuck,i may whinge about the import laws and how hard it is to get anything different here but i'm happy with what i have atm(for now anyway)and i wouldn't want to live anywhere else,to good a climate,and most else over here.
Jerry Goebert » posted 2007/12/08 04:09 pm  
James...FYI, if you click your "My Pictures" you'll see an Edit funtion which will allow you to modify the picture heading.
Earth Eater » posted 2007/12/08 04:12 pm  
And where else do you know where you can go fishing from the rocks and catch Marlin,tuna,kingfish,sharks and other species in excess of 150kg?
Cody Ottens » posted 2007/12/08 04:14 pm  
I cant belive you did THAT!!!! zebra plecos can catch big prices like 500 and up if they are in good con'd. But a very nice gold nugget pleco you got there.
James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 04:14 pm  
Thanx Jerry, btw where are you from "earth eater"
James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 04:15 pm  
Cody it's not a gold nugget, its known as a Magnum or Mango pleco.
Earth Eater » posted 2007/12/08 04:17 pm  
The land down under mate. ;)
James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 04:19 pm  
and Cody I know I gave them away, but at the time they weren't much more expensive then any other pleco. The most expensive ones we imported then were L25 scarlet dragon plecos, they were about 400 bucks retail at the time.
karrie edwards » posted 2007/12/08 04:21 pm
James Martin » posted 2007/12/08 04:27 pm  
That's ripper mate ;) I'm from Canada, southern Ontario tobe more precise "eh" :) You guys catch some crazy over there. I want to fish for baramundi
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2007/12/08 04:46 pm
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2007/12/08 05:21 pm
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2007/12/09 05:41 am
THE chuck » posted 2007/12/09 07:29 am  
cool, eartheater, i was joking!australia is a country that i would like to visit one day..i think its a great place to live..and fish!?
shiva c » posted 2007/12/09 10:44 am
kyle jackson » posted 2007/12/10 08:58 am

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