Humming bird moth | by Tina Welch

Humming bird moth

I thought some of ya'l would like this picture. This is the 1st yr. I heard of these guys--- we have many I found- awesome summer- I also had a praying mantis in the passion vine out side my kitchen window Really awesome is Bud saw a Great Horned Owl early one morning in neighbors yard. His wing was broke- we grabbed him and got him to the right people for rehab !!! Hi hopes the owl will be back soon


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great pic! i've never seen one of these!
Awesome pic.. You must have an awesome camera to take a clear shot like this..,
Nice pic Tina..
thanx---I have found these very interesting---- all these yrs. lanscaping I have come across what I thought was locus shed in the ground ! it is these guys- no cocoon they go underground--to metamorphose---This guy thought I was a flower-kept flyn to me around and off me ! We have a cyber shot camera- very nice -
Super pic.