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How much $$$ would you pay....
How much $$$ would you pay....
How much $$$ would you pay....
This set up is 240 gallons with the Frontosas, rocks, stand, etc. Someone near me is selling it. Thinking about wheeling a dealing with a trade- but wondering how much you think it's worth. -Thanks Pam
posted by: Pamela Pittman

Jan 3rd, 2010
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Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 09:23 am  
In U.S. funds
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 09:28 am  
They are asking 1800.00 Said they have $4,000 in it.
Richard Lima » posted 2010/01/03 09:32 am
Pamela I live in Australia but if I convert and this size and with fish especially fronts...I'd guess $800-$1000 US maybe as high as $1200
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 09:38 am  
Well, since I'm not working at the moment- the only thing I have to trade is my car- (trades are considered). I guess I kind of need my car more than the fish tank. *sigh*. But, my car needs a new top- and is always cold, wet, and has cats in it (I'm allergic to cats). Luckily, they just sleep in it. and not pee or anything...
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 09:40 am  
If anyone else is interested- it's on Craigslist, Chattanooga (not a sales post, I don't know them, and don't get commission). It would be nice to get a Frontosa for commission ;)
Richard Lima » posted 2010/01/03 09:43 am  
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 10:01 am  
A lot of things to consider with the size of the tank. Silcone condition...etc...Here is one in NY area going for 800.00 ---

Good Luck!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 10:06 am  
Wow-on the one in NY. I bed the 14 inch knife fish is cool!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 10:07 am  
I meant, I'll BET. I must be thinking about sleeping- which I haven't done, yet.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 10:10 am  
We will all be here when you get back =) .... catching winks in good to do!
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 10:14 am
Hi Pam.. That car might be worth more than you think,, as long as you advertise it as a "cathouse on wheels" !!!LOL.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 10:21 am  
Hey Wes.
Howya doing today.
I will see if I can get a better pic of that mystery fish from the other day and see what you think...should be after my Coffee
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 10:25 am  
OK Chris.. Just getting the cobwebs out myself.. I'm in the mountian time zone so it's a couple hours earlier here!!!
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 10:29 am  
noticed you said you were from formally from Ontario in a prior post...Im right accross the bridge from Fort Erie...Ontario is a big province..were you in TO or the Falls b4?
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 10:36 am  
I was born in Sudbury, And grew up on Lake Erie, near Windsor.
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 10:39 am  
Actually I have seen this tank on here before.. Not for sale, just as a tank post!!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 10:59 am  
OH!!! WHOOPS!!!! good thing we all said great things about it!! ;) If you're watching, I still would take a Frontosa in commission ;) Thanks for pointing that out, Wes!
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 11:01 am
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 11:26 am
Pamela!! You're still up?? lol.
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 11:47 am  
Yes. Really, I'm trying to stay awake today- to retrain myself. Getting ready to head out to the store. Nothing much opens until 12:00 P.M on Sunday here. I've been waiting to go to the store since 1:00 am last night!!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 11:48 am  
Well, Walmart is open all night. But, I wanted to go to the hippie store today.
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 11:50 am  
The hippie store??? Should I ask??lol.
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 11:52 am  
Where you get hippies, of course!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 11:55 am  
Not really. I've been in exile for about 2 months- and today I'm going to knock around my fave stores in Chattanooga- "All Things Groovy", and "The New Moon Gallery" I got a gift certificate. Yay! Also have one for the LFS. I'm NOT a shopper. I only like to shop for goofy stuff.
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 12:02 pm  
Well I hope you have fun finally getting out. It's too cold to go anywhere this morning here.. About minus 20 ambient temp, closer to minus 30 with the wind chill.. When my daughters move out , I'm moving south again!!! LOL.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 12:03 pm  
Kinda Funny...I am wearing a Tye Dye today from a Dead show 25 yrs ago .. haha..I have not worn it in years
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 12:05 pm  
I have a "Christopher Walker For President" pin. Oh wait, that's Christopher Walken.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 12:07 pm  
Election ---Christopher Walken....hmmm Sounds like "The Dead Zone"

Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 12:07 pm  
Gotta love that Jerry Garcia!! lol.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 12:10 pm  
Im more of the Heavy Rock kinda guy or enjoy Prgressive (ELP/YES/CRIMSON)....Dead is kinda "Dead'...Jerry is to now too (unfortuantely)
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 12:12 pm  
And gotta love that Stephen King!!
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 12:13 pm  
And we are all off topic. Roger is going to wake up soon, and kick all of our arses.
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 12:14 pm  
Im shuttn up --> shuttn up

TTTThats all folks....from me
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 12:17 pm  
I spelled it that way because there is a sensor on this site- that yells at me at gives me an electric jolt through my computer every time it catches a bad word or off color comment from me! I've tried...
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 12:17 pm  
I'm a drummer so I like alot of different styles of music except country,(played in a country band though,lol ) and gangsta rap..
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/01/03 12:19 pm  
We say that in Canada.
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 12:21 pm  
I was raised in the South...but don't like country music!!! Born in Chicago- it must give me an immunity to it. Except Dwight Yokum. If I'm going to like a country song, I'm going all out twang. And twang sounds like Tang. Therefore- this is still fish related.
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2010/01/03 12:42 pm
Good to see you bunch of nuts enjoying yourselves.. We used to do this alot late at night when there was very little activity on the site. Also used to conference IM on Yahoo.. Some of us got to be very good friends.
Mark Wright » posted 2010/01/03 01:05 pm  
just looked at that tank in NY. Sorry mods but what kind of i***t keeps an Electric Cat in a community tank??????
Pamela Pittman » posted 2010/01/03 01:10 pm  
I think you can say the "i" word without getting shocked!
Chris Walker » posted 2010/01/03 01:17 pm  
Nutz...I would not want to have one nor would either recomend a community tank for them but many have...there are a couple references to community living in these articles....seems like a recipe for disaster if you care about any of their tankmates...


Mark Wright » posted 2010/01/03 01:25 pm  
lol I know Pam - I was just unsure about calling the guy an idiot, as he might have been told it was ok. Thought the mods might have thought the same and not like my comments.

As the articles posted by Christopher probably say (I havent looked at them) it can be done when they're small and dont have a lethal current, but they will give every fish they touch small electric shocks EVERY night - not the kind of tankmate I would like.
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2010/01/03 02:18 pm
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2010/01/04 05:30 am
tony henderson » posted 2011/01/09 05:09 pm
well desrved pic of the hour,great lookin group

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Alexander Langer

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Its probably not a good idea if you have it in a tank with gourami & tetras
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Its a jack dempsey
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