Hidden Objects game... | by Ani Waya

Hidden Objects game...

Just like the hidden objects game: How many sliders can you see in the photo?


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4? Did I win? Did I win!!!!?? lol
i see 5
actual sliders or reflections too? lol
NONE, this is a trick...........ROTFL!!
I really hope you don't house turtles with your fish???:(
I see a mbuna...
There are 5!! Yes, Wes, the turtles are in the tank for now. when they decide to try "fish dinner" they will be moved.
The sliders were treated for parasites before they were put in the tank. And any concern for aggression towards the cichlids was quickly put to rest. The cichlids actually beat up on the sliders if the sliders don't stay in their "designated" area.