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Here's a fun bunch!
Here's a fun bunch!
Here's a fun bunch!
Oh man it has been quite a while sense ive been on here! Been sense like 2013 that I've posted, so here's my current Cichlid tank. 125 gallon mix African and a Albino Oscar. Oddly enough the aggression levels are pretty low in there. Pretty much went saltwater and not much more in freshwater.
posted by: Patrick Trow

Oct 6th, 2017
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Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2017/10/07 05:44 am
welcome back :-)

nice group. great to hear they're doing fine w/o aggression

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Sammy Ramos

Alexander Langer

cool, awesome shot!
Alexander Langer

No idea, since its full colors are not developed yet. Maybe wait a bit unt
Alexander Langer

Hello Diana, welcome to the site :-) Nice shot!
Alexander Langer

welcome back to the hobby :)
Alexander Langer

cool, good to hear. nice selection
Alexander Langer

already a beauty