Here it is.....LOL | by tim martin

Here it is.....LOL

I modified a hood i had built for a 55.... Used Cedar tongue and groove closet insert.... It was to warped for anything else....


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Looks really good, its made out of cedar, my fav. wood. :)
Thank you.... At least it will smell good for a
Nice canopy, Tim I have some cedar and would love to have it milled to the right size boards. I may rip it down and plain it myself.
Looks really good Tim !!
Nice job... Love that little ob on the left. :)
Thank you all for the nice comments. Roger, I'd definitely mill that cedar you have or just use it rough.... Would love to get my hands on some Cypress....
Hey Tim , Would you be interested in doing a canopy for a 29 gal ? And did you get the e-mail I sent you ?
I could build ya one..... Gonna have to wait for a while as i'm outta lumber.... I replied to your e-mail Todd.
Good job with it Tim.
Great Job,Tim!Looks Good!
Thank you John